Head Coach: Landon Marzullo

Competitive Dive Club in Lincoln, Nebraska

NDC believes that being a member of the club is a privilege and the coaches will strive to provide the instruction and encouragement to each athlete in order for them to reach their highest potential as a diver. 

Diving Levels

Our Team consists of four program levels:

Learn to Dive
This program is structured to develop physical skills and to teach basic diving technique. 

Junior Elite

This program is for those divers who have demonstrated satisfactory achievement of physical skills and the proper training attitude at the Learn to Dive level.  Junior Elite divers are encouraged to participate in Novice level competitions and may be eligible, based on skill level, to compete at the Junior Olympic (JO) level. This program is by coach invitation and a year-round commitment to training is mandatory.

High School Prep

This program is for divers, of any age, who are preparing for high school diving and choose to train, during various times of the year, such as during the high school season or summer months, but choose not to participate in the year-round program.


Junior Olympic Squad

This program is for divers who have shown a commitment to competing at regional, national, and international meets and have demonstrated success at national level competition.  This program is by coach invitation and year-round commitment to training is mandatory.